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Finding just the right music means finding just the right DJ. Look no further, here's one piece of the complicated wedding puzzle that's all taken care of. Mr. Mixed Tape can ease the burdon of music, announcements, calling tables, etc. We work with the reception hall to make sure everything runs exactly how you want it. If it's a small wedding we can even provide the wedding service music.

This is your big day that we're planning and Mr. Mixed Tape will get together with both of you to plan out everything far in advance. Expect to put aside about an hour to reflect on what music you want (and that which you don't), traditional songs, dance songs, announcements to be made and just how much or how little you want to experience from bouquet-tossing to toasts. It's all up to you and Mr. Mixed Tape will tailor your reception accordingly.

Turning typical receptions into once-in-a-lifetime memories has been the staple of Mr. Mixed Tape since 1978! Music and style may have changed but respect for those who've committed their lives to each other has not. Whether there's a bride and groom, two grooms, or two brides, we will treat your day with the honor you expect.

We'll take care of everything from dinner and cocktail hour music and traditional wedding specialty songs to bringing out all of the hits from the 1950s - 1990s. We get people up and dancing and promise that when your guests leave, they'll be complimenting you on "the best reception, ever."
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