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A class reunion is a very special occasion. It's far too important to entrust to a DJ who's not a seasoned professional. We've entertained at hundreds of small and large High School Reunions from the class of 1958 to the present. Reunions of any type, whether it's a school, club, or sports team, call for a special kind of DJ, not just an ordinary wedding or club DJ.

Mr. Mixed Tape understands that he's not the center of attention at any reunion. Folks don't come to see him, they want to see each other, not be annoyed by some chattering DJ who whines and begs folks to dance. Reunions are a special occassion and the DJ has to not only be Emcee but read the crowd of attendees correctly. Mr. Mixed Tape is an extension of the reunion committee and not just "hired help."

When you hire Mr. Mixed Tape, he takes the time to find out about your class or organization and will cater the evening according to your desires, not his own. With decades of experience behind him, he'll offer suggestions of what seems to work with most crowds. For example, a basic high school reunion would progress this way:
  • Before dinner, as your classmates are checking in, Mr. Mixed Tape will play an hour of the greatest hits of your graduation year including old commercials, news headlines, and sound bites from movies and TV of the time. The volume of the audio will not be at a medium level so that classmates can talk over it yet still tap their feet to the beat.
  • During dinner, we drop the volume to low and play a relaxing mix of slow and mid-range pop tunes from several eras so folks can enjoy their meal.
  • After dinner, Mr. Mixed Tape gives up his microphone to the reunion committee to make their speeches, presentations, etc.
  • Then the rest of the evening is filled with dance music, rock and roll, mowtown and more. We can limit the music to the years that the class attended high school or open it up to all kinds of hits. . . and of course, Mr. Mixed Tape ALWAYS takes requests!
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