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The Dying Art of the Traditional DJ. It's true, we "old guys" of vinyl-turned CD-turned digital pop music are tough to find these days on a professional basis. This is where Mr. Mixed Tape excells. The traditional Sock Hop or Record Hop full of great old tunes from the 1950s - 1990s. This version of my show is most popular with VFWs, American Legions, Rotary Clubs, and those who want to hear popular music of the past. As our motto states, "No Hip Hop or Rap. . . Just Music."

That being said, Mr. Mixed Tape is not TODAY's idea of a Disc Jockey:
  • Not everyone's a DJ. Everyone and his sibling thinks they're a Disc Jockey, just because they have a Macintosh, some DJ software, a microphone and some speakers. . . but don't be fooled.
  • Scratch-n-Sniff. Some DJs think it's all about mixing songs together with scratch, rap, hip-hop, gangsta and hard (sometimes obscene) song lyrics. They believe the louder the better, despite the crowd wearing earplugs.
  • The Court Jester. DJs that think it's all about them and their constant chatter between every song. . . with poor puns, bad jokes, and sometimes resorting to mocking the crowd. They believe that it's all about their comedy show, not the music.

Mr. Mixed Tape's show bring lights, mirror balls and sometimes bubbles and fog. The energy is high without being obnoxious and the performance is professional without being stuffy. The sock hop is perfect for corporate outings, bar and bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16 birthdays, anniversaries, commitment ceremonies and more. Mr. Mixed Tape is loaded with tunes from every genre. I'm an expert in blending an array of sounds and styles into one performance.

The set lists of Mr. Mixed Tape is updated every six months with varying songs and of course I always will change up the sets with requests. Mr. Mixed Tape keeps the party going using the perfect blend of musical selection and party enhancements. I go above and beyond to make sure the party goes longer than expected and lasts even longer in your guests' memories.
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